It has to be 100% or 0%.

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Making of KNCKT


KNCKT Boxer Portrait

KNCKT is a short film about boxing. It focuses on one boxer and his relationship with the sport. As he has progressed through the ranks, each new fight has brought new bruises, but also invaluable experience. He has progressed explosively because of his relentless commitment and unfaltering dedication to training. And yet, before every fight, alongside respect for the opponent, there is a pinch of fear...

The film has been produced by Funnyfarm Media. It was shot in early 2011 over the course of three days on location in Shadwell in London, UK, using exclusively digital SLR cameras and a wide range of lenses, along with additional equipment. It was subsequently edited with cutting edge digital filmmaking tools to produce the end result. As it was prepared with digital distribution in mind, it comes with a dedicated microsite and a range of supporting online material.

KNCKT: It has to be 100% or 0%.

KNCKT on Vimeo

We <3 Vimeo,

and there is a special Vimeo-only version of KNCKT available, which features an alternative soundtrack and a few other tweaks.

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